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Web-2-Print Success Stories

GSF Mortgage

Regency Warehouse

The marketing director at GSF Mortgage was spending a large portion of her day making revisions on business cards, flyers and other marketing materials for their mortgage brokers. After she made the revisions, she would then send proofs and files to the brokers, who would go to copier shop to have prints made. This process was time consuming and expensive.

Regency’s web-2-print platform solved their problem. This platform hosts templates of GSF Mortgage’s most common marketing materials, such as business cards and flyers.

This allowed the mortgage agents and brokers to login to a secure website to modify the templates, view instant proofs, place orders online and track shipping. All without having to contact the marketing director. This allows her to focus on the core functions of her job and more effectively promote the company.

Kona Ice

Regency Warehouse

Kona Ice has over 100 franchisees who serve flavored ice treats to schools, parties, fundraisers, sporting events, day care centers and others. Kona Ice has given back over $3,000,000 to the community and takes pride in providing a unique and fun experience...complete with a penguin mascot.

Kona Ice wanted to ensure that franchisees could easily order supplies that helped make the experience more memorable, such as personalized souvenir cups and t-shirts.

Regency’s web-2-print platform allows Kona Ice to put promotional products and supplies on a secure website that franchisees can access. For example, they can order 250 souvenir cups with the customer’s name imprinted on them. Customers love seeing their names on the cups and it keeps the Kona Ice name in front of them for days or months to come.

The web-2-print platform also eases the burden on the Kona Ice staff. Now, they don’t have to worry about fulfilling orders or sending invoices to each franchisee, and they are automatically notified when stock is running low (Regency reorders most of the stock). Kona Ice also saves money by ordering larger quantities and having the items stored in one of Regency’s warehouses, which are located nationwide.

And, switching over their existing inventory was a breeze. They shipped everything to Regency, who inventoried their stock and posted the items in the online company store for future ordering.

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